Find Your Customers: The 3 Best Places for Your Promotional Products

Where you hand out promotional products will affect their impact on your target audience. If you’re looking for the best places to give away your promotional items, the answer is simple—search for where your customers gather. Here are three types of events where businesses can increase the chances of getting their promotional products—and their brand—noticed.

Trade shows and expos

Trade shows, expos, and other similar business-oriented social gatherings are the most logically sound locations to give out promotional products, as these events are where plenty of prospect customers will be. Giving away promotional products at these events can help you gain exposure in markets that you are finding difficult to penetrate. Attending these events can expand your exposure and potentially increase your lead capture and sales conversions.

Charities and local fundraisers

Savvy business owners make it a habit to connect with their local communities and participate in local charities and fundraisers. Donating promotional items here can boost brand exposure. Make sure your items are relevant to the event, as this instantly makes them a commemorative piece of sorts.

Office parties

Your employees may already be strong advocates for your brand. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to give them some of your promotional products. Office parties offer a great opportunity for you to hand out promotional gifts. Tailor your items to the occasion to give your employees a reason to be excited about the items you’re giving away. Giving your employees gifts toward the end of the year during the holidays can tell them that you value their hard work.

You don’t have to giveaway promotional items for every event you attend. Use your best judgment and select the ones that can get you the most mileage. Don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced promotional product marketer if you have to.


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