How Giving Out Branded Promotional Products Change Consumer Behavior

Many companies use promotional products occasionally, however, it is very easy for some to wonder if these products are worth the money and effort. The good news for those contemplating incorporating branded products into their marketing is that they are indeed worth your efforts for a few key reasons.

Free Gifts Make a Difference

Even if it’s used completely for promotional purposes, customers will have a positive response toward items seen as free gifts. If you hand these items out as free gifts at a trade show or another event, recipients are likely to remember what you were promoting in a positive way.

It’s Easier to Remember Branded Products

The British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted a survey in 2012 where they found that a majority who received a promotional product remembered the brand after a year, had a positive impression of the brand, and would do business with them again. In the light of statistics such as these, it is easy to see why the demand for promo items remains high.

Promotional Gifts Make Good Impressions

When you give away promotional products, you are more likely to make a good impression. High-quality promotional items are easy to associate with overall brand quality, improving an already positive impression.

Branded Products Are Good to Give Away

Besides keeping the items for themselves, your prospects are also likely to give away promotional products they receive from you to friends or family members. One of the effects of doing this is increasing the number of people who become aware of your brand.

Using promotional products is a good way to tap into the power these items have to influence customer behavior. If you provide one of these items to the right person, you may create a customer for life.


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