Promotional Product Decisions that May Negatively Affect Your Brand

Assessing the impact of promotional products on a brand’s visibility and profitability increases in importance as a company increases its spending on the promotion itself. Promotional products have a way of dramatically influencing the way companies market today, but the effect has not always been a positive one, both to the company’s customers and marketing practices in general. Handing out promotional products is a great brand recognition strategy if done right. Keep these three tips in mind when choosing promotional products to represent your brand.

Quality over cost

The problem is that many promotional products are inexpensive and very easy for anyone the marketplace to access, and what people get is a bland, generic promotional product. Thus, to stand out, never choose products based on cost alone. Cheap products would often give the impression that the company is also cheap.

Be environmentally friendly

With the world’s growing concern on environmental friendliness, your company needs to take steps to ensure it leaves as little carbon footprint as possible. Ignoring environment-friendly practices for producing giveaways can put your company in a bad light, which could adversely affect its reputation, leading to irreparable damage to your brand.

Presentation matters

You may have heard that today’s customers are becoming tired and annoyed with promotions, but the truth is, it’s just bad promotions that they’re fed up with. Focusing on quality and eco-friendliness alone won’t be enough to make loyal customers out of those who you give your promotional products to. Consider how you are presenting the promotional products as well instead of just handing it out. Take the time to get to know your target audience so they may respond to your promotional products in a positive manner.


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