4 Key Considerations To Ensure Promotional Product Campaign Success

Have you ever been to a conference where company-branded pencils, pens, or cups were distributed to attendees? Have you ever received a calendar from your local business? Or have you attended a community event where balls, cups, frisbees, or keychains were handed out?

These are all examples of promotional products. Companies large and small distribute these for marketing purposes, and there are several reasons why.

A Business2Community blog article notes that promotional product recipients have a more favorable memory of a business after receiving a branded promotional product. And companies have noticed that their customers tend to place orders more readily after receiving a promo product.

But with all of this said, there’s aspects to consider before you order promo products for your business.

First, be sure to order products that represent the values of your company. Think about what type of product or service your company sells. Consider how you’d like to brand your company to customers. Order products that speak to these values.

It’s crucial to consider safety considerations before you order your products. You don’t want to face liabilities because you’ve distributed a product that’s harmful to small children, for example. Consider issues such as sharp edges and easily broken plastic, or glass.

Think about whether or not you’d use the product you’re about to order if you received it from a marketer. You might find a product that seems cute and inexpensive, but it won’t create a favorable effect on your customers if they don’t see the value in the product.

Finally, perform research on how your competitors are addressing your marketing targets with their promo products. Obviously, you want to order products your targets are sure to like. But at the same time, you want to take steps to make sure that your products stand out from your competitors.


 How NOT to Make Your Promotional Product Fail, business2community.com

6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Ordering Promotional Products, godelta.com


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