Avoid the 5 Pitfalls of a Poorly Executed Promotional Product Giveaway

Business owners can have all sorts of ideas on how to use promotional products product to build a brand. Though these ideas can be extremely beneficial, they can also be detrimental if not done right. That’s why along with knowing what to do, business owners also need to know what NOT to do. Here are common pitfalls to avoid when building a promotional product campaign.

Ordering without a plan

Plan ahead and know what you’re going for within the overall campaign before ordering a batch of promotional products. Don’t fall for the latest or coolest items without considering their usefulness to your customers. The last thing you want is to give your customers irrelevant items that don’t offer any value.

Not appealing to your customers’ personal preferences

Make sure that the products you offer will appeal to your target customers’ tastes or lifestyle. If you don’t, your campaign could end up confusing or alienating them.

Cramming too much information on the product

You want the contact information you place on your items easy to read, so keep the texts to a minimum and provide only the basics. Sometimes, a website address is enough, but if you must, the name of your business and phone number should be all that you include.

Not giving special treatment to your most loyal customers

To increase the chances of your promotional product campaign working and yielding the results you want, make sure that the most valued customers are treated accordingly. Let them know that their business is very much appreciated.

Not following up

Upon collecting adequate contact information from those who give your promotional products to, following up is the best opportunity to create new relationships.

Source: 10 Tips for Avoiding Promotional Product Waste, Disappointment and Mistakes at Your Next Trade Show, TSNN.com


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