How to Boost Your Sales with the “Free Gift with Purchase” Method

Everybody likes a good freebie. It can come as a gift all on its own or it can be attached to a purchase item. Understandably, some business owners might be averse to the idea of giving away free gifts with actual purchase items, thinking that it’s going to be an unnecessary cost on their part.

However, as it turns out, this method is actually proven to be effective not only in attracting new customers, but also retaining loyalty of existing ones. By proven, it also means that it’s got scientific data to back it up.

Purchase Behavior

According to a study commissioned in 2012 by an e-marketing organization, two in five Americans respond positively to brands that offer them a free gift upon their online purchase. Not only does a successful transaction satisfy them, but they also perceive the free gift to be an additional treat that they learn to look forward to with every store visit.

Granted, the study was made specifically for online behavior, but this psychology towards receiving free gifts upon purchase may very well be applied to brick-and-mortar shoppers, too.

Maximizing Exposure

The wisdom in giving away free gift items along with valid purchases is that it gives you the opportunity to further establish your brand’s presence and recall into the minds of your client. And even if some recipients would simply give away the give-away products that they receive, they inadvertently end up helping you widen your market reach anyway.

If you are to do this method, therefore, don’t waste the opportunity by giving away something from your product line or worse, some random item. Instead, use your company’s promotional products—the more useful it is the better.

If you hand out a pen with your brand’s logo on it, every time they will need a pen and pull that one out, they’re going to be reminded that your brand is a constant presence they can rely on.

Gift as Gift

Sometimes, though, you don’t even need an ulterior motive such as expanding brand awareness to give your loyal clients a gift. It could simply be a way for you to say your thanks to them for appreciating your brand. This expression of appreciation will surely go a long way, as patrons do appreciate being appreciated by the company they support.


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