Promotional Products: What to Avoid If You’re After Long-term Exposure

Businesses have different ways to market themselves and each marketing strategy has its own advantages and weak points. However, if there’s one marketing method that all businesses can use to advertise their company and boost brand awareness, the use of promotional products is their best bet for success. Whether big or small, businesses can benefit from customized promo items that can be distributed to their target market for maximum exposure.

Promotional products come in a range of types, sizes, and uses, but if you’re looking to stay in the minds of your customers a whole lot longer than a few hours and a couple of days, you need to invest in items that can last and be used for the long term. Here are some tips and pointers to help you do just that:

Food items and other perishable goods are not ideal

If long-term exposure is what you’re after, snacks and other perishable items are not advisable. Gift baskets and treats are great for special occasions, such as customer or client birthdays and the holidays, but long-lasting and functional promotional products like umbrellas, tote bags, and tumblers that can be used regularly are better for continuous brand exposure.

Seasonal gifts are only relevant for a limited time

Needless to say, those caps and shirts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Fourth of July may not be so relevant after a few days or weeks and will likely be kept in closets until next year (or when the need arises). Seasonal promotional products are effective and wonderful but you can’t rely on them alone to market your business.

In the end, it pays if you go for quality more than quantity. Not only will high-quality promotional products advertise your business for longer but also reflect positively on your company.


9 Ways Promotional Products That WORK for Your Business, American Marketing Association


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